Tips for Placement Preparation

At the Department of Statistics, DU, placement preparation is a marathon.  We had interaction sessions with some of our juniors. One suggestion we received was to give an overview to approach the placement process. (Disclaimer: The bias is inherent so applicability can be an issue. Prioritize what works for you over anything else.)  So here … Read more

Gartner Interview Questions

Gartner Interview Questions when I appeared for the process. Interview Location – Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, University of Delhi Position – Summer Intern Profile – Research, Data and Analytics Result – Role offered Interview Questions Round 1  Q1. Walk us through your CV Q2. a) Elaborate a bit about the project (mine was based on … Read more

All about Linear Regression

Linear Regression Analysis is the mathematical measure of the underlying relationship between two or more variables. In this blog, we will try to decode Linear Regression. Linear Regression When we study a variable (dependent) in terms of another variable (independent) through a linear relationship between them, it is called Bivariate Linear Regression Analysis. Multiple Linear … Read more

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Interview Questions

RBS is now NatWest Group Position – Summer Intern Profile – Internal Audit Process – RBS shortlisted C.V.s, followed by two rounds of interviews Result – Role offered Interview Questions Round 1  Q1. Walk me through your CV Q2. Tell me in detail about your previous internship projects Objective of the project Methodology Used Understanding … Read more

Pareto’s Magic – Astonishing Interview Results

– Kanika & Anubhav Overview – Interviews and Pareto This article describes how we unknowingly applied the Pareto’s Principle to approach interviews. The outcomes astonished us and we thought it would help people in their quests as well! The Pareto Principle Vilfredo Pareto was an engineer, sociologist, economist, political scientist, and philosopher. Wow!  (One of … Read more