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‘Inflated GPAs’ have made it even more difficult for you to enter MSc Statistics at DU. The only other route is to appear for an Entrance Exam (DUET). However, we noticed that no computer-based test series is available to assist you.

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The Solution!

Mock Tests based on past year papers to help you prepare!

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Beta Version

You can test the Beta Version before paying for the complete product. The beta version consists of 10 randomly selected questions from 2020 entrance exam.


Mock Based on 2020 Statistics Entrance Paper

10 Questions Randomly selected from a 50 Question DUET Statistics 2020

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A differential equation is considered to be ordinary if it has

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The number of permutations of n distinct objects is:

3 / 10

If α, β, γ are the roots of x3 ‐ px2 + qx ‐ r=0, then the value of (α + β)(β + γ)(γ + α) is

4 / 10

If X ~ U(0,1) then Y = -2log(X) will follow

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The coefficient of correlation between X and Y is 0.6. Their covariance is 4.8. If the variance of X is 9, then the standard deviation of Y is:

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Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Neyman‐Pearson Lemma in hypothesis testing?

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Let A1, A2, A3, A4 be the events of answering the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively such that P(A1) = 1/2, P(A2) = 1/4, P(A3) = 1/8, P(A4) = 1/16, then P(A1 ∪A2 ∪ A3 ∪A4) is:

8 / 10

A card is drawn from a well‐shuffled pack of 52 cards, then the probability of getting a heart or a king or a red card is:

9 / 10

The total yield of the treatments of a 22 factorial experiment replicated 4 times are:



The simple effect of factor A at first level of B and the interaction effect AB can be estimated as

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For Poisson distribution with parameter μ, the value of measure of Skewness and measure of Kurtosis are:

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