Accenture Capability Network Interview Questions

Accenture Capability Interview Questions by Rhiteek Agarwal

Position – Full-time Job

Profile – Analyst

Process – Accenture shortlisted CVs, followed by 3 rounds of interviews

Interview Questions
Accenture Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1

1: Introduce yourself 

2: What were your percentage marks in 12th?

3: Which subject did you score the highest in? (Answer: Mathematics)

4: Since you’re confident in Mathematics, tell me how can you write 94 as x^y + y^x?

Case study: I want to set up a tea factory in India; as a consultant what are your recommendations on this?

There was a subsequent discussion on the case leading to the final solution and end of the round.

Round 2

1: What are your hobbies? (Answer: Playing and watching cricket)

2: What do you love about cricket?

3: As a sport, what does cricket teach you?

4: The game is often charged with accusations of being fixed. What are your views on that?

Question 5: Tell me about a time when you used your analytical way of thinking.

Question 6: How will you remain motivated in a workplace where you occupy the lowest position in the hierarchy and the work is not appealing to you.

Round 3

1: What do you know about Accenture?

2: How well-equipped are you with technological tools? What do you know about the CLOUD?

3: What are the qualities you believe a consultant must possess?

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