American Express Interview Questions

American Express Interview Questions for a full-time job as an Analyst, Data Science, Credit & Fraud Risk.

Process  –  Resume shortlisting followed by two rounds of interviews.

Interview Questions
American Express Interview Questions

Interview Process

First Round
  1. Please Introduce yourself.
  2. A detailed discussion about my role and projects in my current organization.
  3. What was the problem statement? How did the model help in solving them? 
  4. Which modeling techniques did you try? 
  5. What were the final variables in the model and how were they related to the dependent variable?
  6. Difference between linear regression and logistic regression?
  7. Do you know about Tree-based algorithms?
  8. Suppose you have a categorical independent variable with 4 categories, say, a,b,c,d. In this case, how is the split decision made by a GBM? Does a GBM try all the possible combinations of splits?
  9. 2 puzzles – 

How will you measure 7 minutes using two buckets which take 4 minutes and 5 minutes to fill completely? Assume an unlimited supply of water.

Suppose you have two ropes that are non-uniform. And each rope takes exactly 60 seconds to burn. How will you measure 15 seconds using them?

  1. A guesstimate 

Estimate the number of cyclists in your nearby area on a Sunday evening.

  1. Do you know about Amex’s business model?
  2. Can you tell me the revenue sources of American Express?
  3. Do you know about Amex’s competitors? How is American Express different from them?
  4. How much will you rate yourself in Python and SQL on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest score?
  5. Do you have any questions for me?
Second Round
  1. Please introduce yourself.
  2. Briefly explain your role at your current organization. What does your team do?
  3. Detailed discussion on my project. How did you tune the hyperparameters?
  4. Why do you want to switch your role?
  5. How comfortable are you with the fitting of Boosting algorithms?
  6. Do you know how a GBM fitting happens? Can you explain the fitting algorithm step by step?
  7. Which ML techniques are you familiar with?
  8. Can you explain the revenue streams of Amex? 
  9. Can you list down the major costs incurred by Amex?

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