American Express Interview Questions

(American Express on-campus recruitment)

Position – Summer Internship

Profile – Risk Analyst/Credit and Fraud Risk

Process – Aptitude, CV shortlisting followed by 2 rounds of interviews

Interview Questions
American Express Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1

1) Walk me through your CV.

2) How do you see your career choices fitting you for this role?

3) What do you know about American Express?

4) What do know about CIBIL?

5) Questions based on the criteria you will analyze/observe before granting a credit card to a potential customer.

6) How will you distinguish between 100 customers who have applied for a credit card?

7) Assessing credit-worthiness between/among 2-3 potential customers based on their earnings – to – expenditure/savings ratio.

8) Difference between a charge card and a credit card?

9) What do you think are the variables we consider while evaluating the CIBIL score for an individual?

Round 2

1) Started with how my first round went, what was I asked in the first round?

2) A couple of different puzzles based on measuring time using two strings and use of arithmetic means (easily available on YouTube).

3) How will you use digital media sources and applications installed in an individual’s phone to tell them about a potential product our company might be willing to offer?

4) Question on Guesstimate.

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