Hi! I am Anubhav Dubey.

I am figuring it out. Generalist by heart on a quest for specific knowledge.
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  • Appear for first ever interview and land my first internship offer


  • Work on my first data analysis project because was getting bored


  • Covid-19 leads to colleges closing; I try out another project
  • Internship offer revoked


  • Realize project building in Data Analysis space full of blind-spots
  • Decide to create a Data Analysis Guide for First Project with Kanika


  • Launch the Guide in eBook form. 500+ downloads in less than a week.
  • Rope in a few friends to help a small group of friends do projects in Finance and Data Science.
  • Initiative fails miserably 🙂


  • Hit by FOMO due to internship announcements on LinkedIn
  • Start searching for internships via the platform
  • Work with Analytics lead at Unyscape (sounds better than built a few PPTs 😉
  • Land another one at Bandhoo Solutions


  • They needed Data which wasn’t easily accessible
  • Used R to write code that solved the issue for them
  • Huge boost to confidence because I had no clue about it + I hated coding and sucked at it
  • They ask me to learn JS because it might be needed so I do cover some ground in 10 days


  • After months of uncertainty, placement session officially begins.
  • Land another internship but quit in 2 days because work was boring af.
  • Start focusing on placements.


  • Placed at Deloitte


  • Got bored so bought a domain name – campussecorporate.com (campustocorporate was freakin expensive)
  • Reason for the name – wanted to do something which would help students but I had no idea what that would be.


  • Eliminated after 2 rounds of interview at Mastercard
  • In my head, that is the end of placement session. Stop seeking another offer.


  • Convince Kanika to be a part of Campus se Corporate
  • Start receiving queries from dept. juniors about placement prep.
  • We create 3 type of content pieces – Placement Prep, Stats Concepts, Interview Questions
  • Start posting on LinkedIn in the final 10 days of December.
  • Interview Questions most sought after content piece. We double down on it while experimenting with other types too.



  • Decided to pursue Masters in Statistics because I was not sure about MBA yet.
  • Realized my grades would not be enough so slowly started entrance preparation.


  • Preparation turned out to be too slow. Pressed the accelerator while appearing for exams


  • Appear in two entrances. Clear both of them. Secure 3rd rank in one of them.
  • Admitted to Masters of Statistics, Hindu College, University of Delhi


  • Start reading Polity by Laxmikant to get idea about UPSC preparation.
  • Like reading it but not sure if I can do this for 2 years.
  • Discover existence of something called as Data Science.


  • Start with Indian history while a friend cracks an internship on campus.
  • I want to give Data Science a shot.


  • Start with Machine Learning after internal, practical and theory exams conclude.


  • Read 40+ books including re-reads. Mostly fiction but also some great non-fiction like Sapiens, Annihilation of Caste, India After Gandhi, Gandhi Before India to name a few.