Dr. Reddy’s Interview Questions

Dr. Reddy’s Interview Questions for a full-time job as a Data Scientist

Process – Case study followed by an interview

Interview Questions
Dr. Reddy’s Interview Questions

Interview Process

Round 1 – Case Study

Allotted Time: 1 Hour 

We were given the data on various variables corresponding to all countries. We needed to classify the countries in meaningful classes based on the observed variables, make meaningful inferences regarding each class, specify their characteristics. 

It was the initial screening round

Round 2 – Interview 

1. Could you please introduce yourself?

2. During the first 15 minutes we talked about my internship. The main focus of the conversation was- 

a) to help them understand the goal of the project 

  • Why was the project important for the company? 
  • Why did they want data science solutions for the particular problem?

b) to help them understand the statistical tools used to solve the problem at hand and why those particular tools were chosen. 

  • They also asked various in-depth questions on the statistical tools that I used. 

3. I was asked how I would deal with the missing value problem given the constraint that I have a very limited amount of data. 

4. After dealing with the above questions, we talked about various Loss Functions used in Data Science

  • Later they mainly focused on Classification problems. 

5. They asked me some questions on Resampling Techniques and Categorical Data Analysis. 

6. I was asked questions on deep learning-

  • mainly focused on vanishing and exploding gradient problems

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