ZS Associates Interview Questions

By Rithik Raina

Profile – Strategy and Insights Planning 

Process – ZS conducted an aptitude test followed by 3 rounds of interviews

Position – Full-time Job

Interview Questions
ZS Associates Interview Questions

Placement Process

Process Overview

The first step was an aptitude test after which only a few candidates got to the next round which was a case study round. This case had to be solved using a more quantitative approach as compared to the next case(1 hr ). After this, there was a debriefing session with one of the HRs of ZS. In the debriefing session, there were guesstimates and mathematical riddles. The ones who cleared this round were given another case that had more of a qualitative approach. Then there was another debriefing session that worked on similar lines as the previous one. Then there was a final interview. 

Round 1

I was given a case on product entry but the questions asked were more of quantitative nature. We had to use some percentage formulae, formulae related to sales, costing, etc. A question was asked to choose the best mode of advertisement based on some data they had given. Then there was a question to predict the net revenue of a decade based on the net revenue of the previous decade and the growth percentage of the company.

Round 2

This round was based on the thinking skills and creativity of the person. The mathematics needed was restricted to some basic formulae of sales. We had to read charts and analyze data and devise a strategy for launching a new product in the market. I found this round to be relatively easy as there were no complex formulae involved. In the debriefing of this case, the interviewer gave me another case based on similar lines.

Round 3

Question. You have good scores in grad so why not masters?

Behavioral ques:

1. Your colleague is not performing as well as you, which might lead to some problems in your project. What would you do in this case?

2. Have you ever had a conflict with your teammate if yes what did you do then?

3. As a leader did you solve any conflict in your team?


Be ready with examples to justify your strengths and try to practice some case studies for ZS. 

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