Bain Interview Questions

These Bain interview questions are from the time when Bain visited DTU.

By Karnik Agarwal

Department: Bain Capability Network (BCN) Gurgaon

Profile: Analyst


  1. CV Shortlisting (~10% Success Rate)
  2. Online DILR Test (~50% Success Rate)
  3. Guestimates Interview (~50% Success Rate)
  4. Case Interview (~40% Success Rate)

Result: Selected

Interview Questions
Bain Interview Questions

Interview Questions


# Brisk discussion about Hobbies, Literature, TV Series for Icebreaker

Q1. Tell me about yourself.

Q2. Why did you decide to switch from the core domain to Analytics?

Q3. Why Bain? How do you think Bain would help you in your career goals?

Q4. You have been involved with various societies, what was the most challenging situation?

Q5. What were your responsibilities in this specific Internship you have mentioned in your CV?

Q6. Guestimate: What is the estimated size of tyre market in Delhi for a year? Consider only private 4-wheeler vehicles.

Q7. Your role may require some Technical knowledge like Python, SQL, etc for some projects. You think you can learn, considering your background core domain?


Q1. Walk me through your CV?

Q2. Explain about this research project mentioned in your CV. (Explanation and Intense Cross Questioning)

Q3. Do you think you have the relevant skills for this role?

Q4. Are you comfortable with Pricing based Case Studies?

Q5. Case Interview: Walk me through the parameters and thought process involved with Pricing for Market Entry by an established company into the Washing Detergent Segment. (Discussed USP for the product, nature of the market, competitors, promotion strategies, marketing priority, distribution network, cross-analysis for overpricing and underpricing of the product)

Q6. That’s it. Anything you want to ask me?

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