Company Research Episode 1

Why should you do company research? How should you research a company?

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Crux of the Video

Personal Experience

I have faced rounds in which I screwed the Statistics part. I wasn’t able to properly explain the concepts which are usually expected. Yet, I somehow managed to clear those rounds due to in-depth company research. The look on the faces of interviewers was priceless on 4 different occasions.

Why Do Company Research?
  • Interview Question – Why should we hire you? Why this company?

Your competitors will probably have similar skill set. After some time, even communication skills are not much of a differentiator. Therefore, you need something to set you apart.

Both these questions are opportunities to justify why you would be a great fit. They can train you but alignment of purpose will take things to the next level. Use these questions to your advantage. You can justify your presence in the team if you have done your homework.

  • Question to Interviewers

At end of interviews, panelists often ask if you have any questions for them. Some people don’t ask any question which is a waste of opportunity. Many people ask generic questions like- What does a day look like at the firm? or What kind of projects are you working on?

The problem with this approach is that many other candidates also ask similar questions. However, an-depth company research will allow you to leave a lasting impression. It will help you ask a question like- I watched the Data Science lead talk about this technology that you have developed. How much impact does it have in the combating XYZ challenge?

How to do Company Research?
  1. Company’s website and YouTube Channel. Even Twitter would be a good place for some companies.
  2. Google News Search – Company + Vertical/Domain. Eg: Amazon artificial intelligence.
  3. Other websites and YouTube Channels which talk about the company or have executives’ interviews.

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