EXL Interview Questions

EXL Interview Questions for a full-time job as a Business Analyst (Campus Placement).

Process: An aptitude test followed by two rounds of interviews.

Interview Questions
EXL Interview Questions

Placement Process

Round 1: 

1) Tell me about Yourself
2) Questions From Project
3) Guesstimate: Estimate the number of schools in Delhi.
4) Puzzles: 4 Puzzles asked were from the geeks for geeks website.
5) Case Study: They asked approach to solve the given problem no mathematical crunching is required.

Round 2: 

“1) Tell me about Yourself
2) Why EXL?
3) Tough Questions from SQL and Python. (They didn’t want to ask it. They asked only after my permission because at entry-level it is not required from their side).
4) Aptitude Question: Boat upstream and Downstream related question.
5) Case Study: A tough section. they asked questions again and again from my answers. They grilled me a lot on this portion.


Be Confident and bold.
Try to form a connection with the interviewer.
Always ask questions at the end of the interview. This shows your interest in the role and company.
Speak English Fluently.

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