Barclays Interview Questions

Barclays Interview Questions for a full-time job as a Graduate analyst

Role: Graduate analyst-Modelling

Process: One Technical test then 3 rounds of interviews, in general. But it didn’t happen with me as most of the questions were only asked in the first round.

Interview Questions
Barclays Interview Questions

Interview Questions

1) Tell me about yourself
2) Different ways to deal with overfitting
3) What are bagging and Boosting? How are they different from each other?
4) What is Light GBM? Why have you not used XGBoost or any other algorithms? (I had mentioned Light GBM in my CV)
5) Can you please explain the steps of the model deployment process? (It was mentioned in my CV)
6) Case study: Given data and model of the middle-income group how to create a model for Higher income group
7) Why no internships?
7) Normal HR and behavioral questions


  • Try to follow STAR methodology in interviews
  • Make it a conversational interview, not a question-answer type one
  • Interviews and hiring in general is an amalgamation of many things which are not in your control. These interviews are not all about your knowledge so don’t doubt yourself too much if you are not selected. Your first job is just around the corner.

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