Genpact Interview Questions

Genpact Interview Questions for a full time job as a Business Analyst

Process – Two telephonic Interviews

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Interview Questions
Genpact Interview Questions

Interview Questions

  1.  Take us through your resume. 
  2. You have listed 4 Programming Languages – R, SQL, SAS, Python. Based on Comfort and  Expertise Please Rank them. 
  3. Can you describe any 1 project mentioned in your resume? Cross questions were asked from the projects.
  • Why did you specifically use this variable? How much accuracy did you get? 
  • How much precision did you get?
  1. Please tell me a little bit about Logistic Regression. 
  2. What are the variables that you consider in logistic regression? (Didn’t get this question…so I explained the whole logistic regression)  
  3. What is the odds ratio? How would you define a logistic function? Which factors did you use to build the model? (From Project) 
  4. What is AUC and ROC curve? Have you checked AUC and ROC curve after implementing the model?
  5. Did you use any joins in your project?
  6. How did you load the CSV dataset in R?
  7. Do you have any experience in Joins using R or SQL? 
  8. There are 2 tables – the 1st table has 10 rows and the 2nd table has 8 rows. How many entries will I  have if I left join vs a right Join? 
  9. What if the table having 8 rows (7 distinct and 1 duplicate). So, when you do a left join, what will be the number of rows we will get? 
  10. What is the way to check the number of rows in your left table? 
  11. If I give you this exercise of joining these 2 tables will you use count(*) after left join or is that something you usually don’t do? 
  12. Take me through the first project you have mentioned. 
  13. How did you find missing data from your dataset and how did you fix that issue. For  Categorical values and Quantitative Case. 
  14. Any other way you can think of Imputing missing values?
  15. How you check for outliers? How do you deal with Outliers? 
  16. Do you know anything about dummy Variables? 
  17. How you interpret the Coefficient of the dummy variable in the case of Linear Regression?
  18. If a variable has 5 values in it, how many dummy variables will you create?
  19.  When you create dummy variables what data type will you choose? 
  20. Which data type do you use for categorical variables? 
  21. What are the data types available in R? 
  22. Explain the hypothesis testing you did in your Project. 
  23. Is it a standard to use 0.05 as a cut-off? 
  24. Please Explain Type I and Type II errors. 
  25. Why Type II error is more dangerous? 
  26. Have you done any linear regression projects? 
  27. what are the different ways of validating your linear regression model?
  28. Why Adjusted R2is better than R2
  29. What is Multicollinearity in Multiple Linear Regression? 
  30. How do you deal with Multicollinearity? What are the available methods?
  31. In SAS what do you know? 
  32. You have some experience in Tableau. Tell us about that. 
  33. Let’s say there’s a chocolate manufacturing company and they are saying they want to launch a new chocolate flavor in the market. So which flavor will you suggest? 
  34. What are the steps you will follow? What are the questions you will ask?

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