HSBC Interview Questions

HSBC Interview Questions by Sweata Sen, Indian Statistical Institute

Position – Analytics Role

Process Two rounds of interviews

Interview Questions
HSBC Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1:
  1. How do you form a cumulative frequency table in SAS?
  2. Suppose we have two tables and you want to add a new table to the database. All the tables have a common column. Don’t use join commands. Use a data step in SAS. Also, how would do it using proc SQL?
  3. Suppose you are visiting Mumbai. You want to know whether it rains or not. Then, you ask three of your friends whether it rains or not. You don’t know whether they are lying or not. What is the probability that you are sure it is raining?
  4. Suppose a farmer has a chicken, fox, and a bag of corn. He has to cross a river. He can take only one of these at a time. If the chicken and the bag of corn are kept together, the chicken will eat the bag of corn. If the fox and the chicken are kept together, the fox will eat the chicken. Now in how many times, they all can cross the river?
  5. Why do we do the principal component analysis? Describe it.

A business problem: There are two types of customers for credit cards- revolvers and payers. Suppose the ratio is 40-60. You see that the number of revolvers is decreasing, what would you suggest in order to increase that?

Round 2:
  1. What is multicollinearity? What happens when it is present in the data? How does it impact the coefficient of determination and the individual tests of significance and why?
  2. There are 3 ants sitting on three corners of a triangle. All ants randomly pick a direction and start moving along the edge of the triangle. Then, what is the probability that any two ants collide?
  3. You have 10 stacks of 10 gold coins. All of the coins in one of these stacks are counterfeit, all the other coins are not. A real coin weighs 10 grams. A counterfeit coin weighs 9 grams. You have a modern scale that provides an accurate readout. So, what is the minimum number of weighings needed to determine which stack is fake?
  4. There are two jars. One with 4 liters and the other with 5 liters capacity. How will you pour exactly 7 liters of water?
  5. Guesstimate: How do you measure the area of an aircraft?
  6. You have 3 switches in a room. One of them is for a bulb in the next room. You can not see whether the bulb is on or off until you enter the room. Then, what is the minimum number of times you need to go into the room to determine which switch corresponds to the bulb in the next room?
  7. Suppose we have a logistic regression setting. How do you determine how good the model is? What are the metrics that you use during the assessment?
  8. Why do we use rotation in factor analysis?
  9. A Box contains 2 white, 3black & 4 red balls. how many ways can 3 balls be drawn, if at least one black ball is to be included in the draw?
Result – Selected

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