Infosys Interview Questions

Infosys Interview Questions by Amartya Kumar Maulik

Position – Full-time Job

Profile – Data Science

Process – There was 1 test based upon basic statistics concepts and somewhat more focus on Logical reasoning and puzzles and a small part on basic ML.

Interview Questions
Infosys Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1

1. What do mean by Time series modeling? 

2. Time Series related definitions along with some explanations. 

3. How to interpret the model accuracies to a client? 

4. How will the client believe that this is better? 

5. Why use the ARIMA model? 

5. How do you integrate the seasonal component into an ARIMA model? 

6. What kind of model will you use to predict the number of likes in your latest Twitter post?  

7. Other course projects that have been done by me. What was the purpose of doing those projects? 

(Suggestion: Try to mention any economic or social impact (as in my case) or research-related impact)

Round 2

Just a normal conversation regarding any topic still unclear that was asked in the previous interview and was told about the work done at the company.

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