Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Interview Questions

RBS is now NatWest Group

Position – Summer Intern

Profile – Internal Audit

Process – RBS shortlisted C.V.s, followed by two rounds of interviews

Result – Role offered

Interview Questions
RBS Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1 

Q1. Walk me through your CV

Q2. Tell me in detail about your previous internship projects

  • Objective of the project
  • Methodology Used
  • Understanding gained and Conclusion 

Q3. What is Regression Analysis?

(Read about Regression Analysis and Linear Regression.)

Q4. What are the assumptions of linear regression?

Follow-up 1: What do you mean by multicollinearity and how do you test for it? 

2: What does VIF stand for?

Q5. How do you treat multicollinearity?

Q6. How do you assess the model performance in the case of linear regression?

Follow-ups 1: What do you mean by R-squared?

2: What is the difference between adjusted R-squared and R-squared?

3: Which of these will you prefer and why?

(Read about R-squared and Adjusted R-squared.)

Q7. Do you know about logistic regression?

( I explained briefly and then politely told the interviewer that I didn’t know the details )

Q8. What do you understand by Internal Audit?

Q9. Why are you suitable for the role?

Q10. Why RBS?

Q11. Puzzle – If you have 9 red socks and 11 white socks. How many minimum draws of socks should you make in order to get a pair?

Round 2

This round was situation based. For every question, the answer had to be substantiated with an example.

Q1. Suppose you are working in a team and your opinion differs from the rest of the members of your team. What will you do? How will you handle the situation?

Q2. Have you ever been told that you are not capable of doing something? What was your approach towards the situation?

Q3. Have you ever stood against an injustice? What did you do?

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