Interview Tips

(Interview Tips by someone working in Analytics Consulting)

An interview is not only about the data science technical questions. There are several other things the interviewer asks to judge overall personality, thinking ability, problem-solving skills, and intelligence.

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Interview Tips
This mainly covers the following topics:

1. Case Studies: Usually this comprises of a business problem pertaining to any sector. A possible solution or way to tackle the problem is asked. One can explore the general case studies and data science-related case studies on the net for exposure.

2. Puzzles: These are some mind-crunching puzzles, whether it be a mathematical riddle or a general IQ one. There are a lot of puzzles one can practice and get used to them and improve their thinking ability. You can refer to geeksforgeeks for preparation.

3. Guesstimates: These are a bit tricky as this requires more thinking. So, you have to come up with a number for some entity being asked with a logic. Say, for instance, you are being asked to guess the number of movie theatres in a particular city. So, you need to devise a method with some logic to give up a number. These topics should also be given importance and practiced. There is enough content on the net for these but don’t fall prey and devote too much time to them. The purpose is only to get familiar with these problems and ideas to solve them and get exposed to them.

This mainly covers technical interview aspects and one should have an idea about the HR round questions as well like:

Tell me about yourself.

Tell your native place, education, interests, family, career goals. This should be brief and crisp.

What differentiate you from others?

This is a tricky question. You should not put others down here and should only focus on your current skills and future endeavors.

Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.

Try to be as genuine as possible and you should have a supporting argument to justify that strength or weakness. There are many others and one can explore them.


• One should know about the company and the job description well. This surely helps at some point of time in interviews especially in the HR rounds

• Try to give some mock interviews to your friends, family which helps you to analyze your mistakes.

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