Kotak Mahindra Bank Interview Questions

Kotak Mahindra Bank Interview Questions by Prajwal Jaiswal

Position – Internship

Profile – Data Scientist

Process – C.V. Shortlisting followed by a telephonic technical interview

Result – Role offered

Interview Questions
Kotak Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Technical Round:

Q1. Tell me something about yourself

Q2. Questions on basics of python – 

  1. What are packages?
  2. What is a library?
  3. Code to find the number of missing values in the data.

Q3. Have you done any courses in data science?

Follow up 1: Did you do any project in this course?

2: What was the objective of the project?

3: What approach did you use  for analysis?

Q4. What is data cleaning?

Q5. What do you mean by outliers in a data? How do you treat outliers?

Q6. How do you treat missing values in a data? 

Follow up 1: In which case would you use Mean, Median and Mode to impute the missing values? Explain by giving an example.

Q7. What is linear regression?

Q8. What is correlation? What is the formula for measuring it?

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