MSCI Interview Questions

Interview Questions at MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) for Quantitative Validation Engineer, by Vindhya Shetty, an alumna of M.Sc. in Applied Statistics from Symbiosis Statistical Institute.

Process – Round 1 – Technical Test, Round 2 – Technical Interview, Round 3 – Techno-Managerial Interview

Interview Questions
MSCI Interview Questions

Placement Process

Round 1 (Online Technical Test)

Post the pre-placement talk, a test of around 60 minutes consisting of coding questions, to be solved using a programming language of choice (Python, Java, C++, Scala, R) was taken on HackerRank.

It consisted of the following programming problems: 

  1. Related to Movie Ratings 
  2. Integer to Roman Numbers 
  3. Compute volatility of an asset, wherein the required formulae were mentioned. 

Candidates were then shortlisted based on the results of the technical test and CV screening combined. 

Round 2 (Technical L1 Interview)
  1. An interview of around 45 minutes with an Associate of the Team. 
  2. Discussion around the CV and an overview of the projects undertaken.
  3. Basic Statistics 
    1. Hypothesis Testing 
    2. Probability Distributions 
    3. Time Series Analysis. 
  4. Quantitative Reasoning Problems 
    1. Doubling Lily Pad 
    2. Cube Painted and Cut 
  5. Coding Problems 
    1. Compute Nth Fibonacci number 
    2. Matrix Multiplication 
  6. An overview of the team’s role and responsibilities was given. 

This was an elimination round.

Round 3 (Techno-Managerial L2 Interview)
  1. An interview of around 45 minutes with the Team Manager. 
  2. Discussion around the CV and an overview of the projects undertaken. 
  3. A few questions to understand how well I knew the firm I was interviewing with. 
  4. Apart from statistics and programming questions, some more Quantitative Reasoning problems like the Wine Water Mixing Problem. 
  5. Fitment questions to mainly understand how well a team player, and an initiative taker I was. 
  6. The manager then walked me through how a day of work as an Analyst in the team would look like. 

Those who cleared all three rounds were then scheduled for a not very formal HR discussion.

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