Optum Interview Questions

Optum Global Solutions Interview Questions by a student of IIT Kanpur

Profile – Associate Data Analyst

Process – 2 rounds of interview

Interview Questions
Optum Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1

Questions asked or relevant area:

1. Internship project –

Steps I undertook during the project (ML related questions) in detail

Why do we use CNN? Why not xgboost or some other algorithm?

2. What is type 1 and type 2 error? Which one would be more serious for a specifically provided null hypothesis?

3. How do you detect outliers in data?

4. What is multicollinearity? How do you detect it? How do you handle if your data has multicollinearity?

5. Time-series project – basic time-series concepts. 

Follow-up 1: What if there were exogenous variables? How will you handle that? Which model will you use?

6. What is a boxplot?

7. How do you implement left join (of SQL) in R? 

(There exists a direct function, but I was explaining the manual way of doing it)

8. Some classic questions like where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

9. Why Optum?

Round 2

This round consisted of a guesstimate followed by basic HR questions.

Case Study: Estimate the revenue of your hostel mess.

A piece of advice-

Although I doubt my judgment for giving any advice, I would be glad if it helps someone. There is no harm in saying that you don’t know something. From what I believe, the person on the other side of the table doesn’t expect you to be a genius. However, they do expect you to be good at what you tell them you’re good at. If the interview ends with a rejection, it doesn’t mean that you weren’t fit for the job; it simply means that yours and the interviewer’s frequency didn’t match. They are probably going to be your manager or superior in some form, and if they don’t believe you’re fit for the team, then better be it. Have faith in his judgment because something better than that is just awaiting you somewhere around the corner.

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