Parexel Interview Questions

Parexel Biostatistics Intern Interview Questions by Akash Kumar Gupta

Job Designation: Biostatistician

Process: Aptitude Test → Interview

Interview Questions
Parexel Interview Questions

Placement Process

Applied on the official website and uploaded Resume + Cover Letter + Recommendation Letter from  Internship 

After getting shortlisted – 

Aptitude Test: 

The total duration of the test was 90 minutes. The format of the test was – 

Topics No. of Questions 
Logical Reasoning – Nonverbal, Syllogism, Blood Relation, Direction Test, Sitting  Arrangement 15
English – No Questions from Reading Comprehension 15

Interview Questions: 

  1. Can you please introduce Yourself, provide some inputs from your side. 
  2. Do you know anything about Parexel? (They asked this because I mentioned DS and ML in 1st  question and it’s a CRO & Biopharma Services Company.) 

I explained why I’m interested in biostats and the public health domain to correct my mistake of mentioning DS & ML. 

  1. Can please explain the Covid-19 project you did? 
  2. Did you implement something from statistics like prediction or testing? (When I mentioned this  project was a visualization Project) 
  3. In covid-19 prediction did you use any particular Machine learning technique or something like that? 
  4. What are the assumptions of Regression Analysis? 
  5. In SAS, what is Proc Mix? 
  6. What is the difference between appending the data and Merging the data in SAS?
  7. In SAS, How do you Export pdf reports using ODS? 
  8. What is a Type I error? 
  9. You must have studied Distributions in statistics, what is Central Limit Theorem?
  10. You have mentioned Epidemiology, what kind of work you have done in epidemiology?
  11. What is the 2 sample proportion test? 
  12. You have mentioned the Fundamentals of SOPs, what are SOPs? 
  13. Why SOPs are required? 
  14. Do you know about lifetime data time data analysis? 
  15. What are the assumptions of the Proportional Hazard Ration model?
  16. What is censoring in Life Time Data analysis? And its types. 
  17. What you have learned in Biostatistics Subject, Mention 2 or 3 points? 
  18. As you mentioned the Phases of Clinical Trial, what is the phase 1 clinical trial? 
  19. What is the meaning of Multiple Dosing? (One of the methods in Phase 1 trial)
  20. What is the difference between SAD and MAD? (Two of the methods in Phase 1 trial)
  21. What is Randomization in sense of clinical trial? 
  22. You mentioned Randomization is used in Phase 3, why can’t we use it in phase 1? (Answered  wrongly, the correct answer is Randomization is required at every phase of a clinical trial Except phase 4  because in phase 4 we only use observational studies) 
  23. What are the different kinds of regression analyses you’re aware of? 
  24. What is Logistic Regression? 
  25. My Last question to you is: Can you explain any challenges you faced in your studies or working as an intern in companies, and how you came out of that particular challenge? 

(If You have received a recommendation from internship then this is the time to mention that – I told  her I signed up for statistical programming work and some tasks in my internships were from other  domains like biotech, psychology about which I have no clue so I asked my friends from those  domains to explain me those particular topics and read some research papers on those topics to get a clear understanding of those topics and completed my internship tasks and received  Recommendations from my managers in both the internships)

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