WNS Interview Questions

WNS Global Services Interview Questions by Saumya Verma

Profile – Trainee Analyst

Process – 2 rounds of panel interviews

Interview Questions
WNS Interview Questions

Placement Process

Round 1

1.Brief introduction

2. Explained one of the projects I did base on logistic regression. Basically, it includes how I analyzed numerical and categorical variables (EDA), treatment of missing values for both, feature engineering, outliers treatment, visual EDA, why I used logistic regression, how I measured model’s performance, confusion matrix, and the conclusions I made.

3. one question based on ratio and proportion.

4. A question based on the Venn diagram.

5. one puzzle

Round 2

1. introduction

2. project I did based on k-nearest neighbors:

a) what is the idea behind this algorithm.

b) why I used this particular algorithm not others available for classification.

3. why I used logistic regression and not linear regression. 

4. what is the problem with linear regression in terms of response variable other than violation of assumptions of LR

5. how R and python are different.

6. How to determine sample size (Basically the idea we follow when we increase or decrease sample size in terms of variability and cost)

7.  Some of the questions based on family background

8. There are 10 bags full of an infinite number of coins. The weight of each coin is 1 gram in all the bags except one bag( the faulty one) in which the weight of each coin is 1.1 gram. Identify the faulty bag

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