Part 3 – How to do a project?

How to do a Project by Varsha Gupta

Academic projects
Academic Projects for Placements

Projects with refined aims are really crucial in any learning process. But working on projects should not be just for merely getting placements but for, I don’t know, a gazillion reasons including brushing up concepts, getting to explore your subject practically, learning to work with a team, and much much more.

So delving in, here are 4 very interesting ways in which anyone can take up projects or in a better way, ideas and topics for your next project.

Method 1

Pick up any programming language of your choice. Then see how you can simply use statistical packages and concepts on the in-built datasets. This project can be of help to learn a programming language and its techniques better because there is no ultimate destination and one can play and explore in any way.

Suppose, you choose R and work around how to check normality, work with graphs, put your statistical concepts like econometric assumptions, linear regression, and non-parametric tests to practical use. There is way more to it, just explore how to work up any concept that comes to your mind on the console in front of you.

Method 2

There must be some sport or activity everyone is particularly fond of. Research around how you can put data analysis to use and draw inferences.

As per my interest, I did a project on how reaction times of drivers and the number of pit stops are correlated to winning chances in Formula 1. You can pick any sport of your choice and explore any domain of it.

You can have a look at this link for help and see the gold standard for itself.

Method 3

Working on a Research Paper is really interesting and fulfilling. All you need to do is pick up any concept and see research papers on the topic on Research Gate or Google Scholar. This will give you an idea of how to work around it.

All one needs to do is simply put all the aspects related to it together in your project and learn the concept better. If possible, try developing insights by using data and simply conclude by putting up your findings.

Method 4

Working on some visionary insight is motivating and attractive in the CV. Working on projects like eradicating hunger, vaccination drives, promoting SHG’s, education in remote areas, is good in the sense that it can be of use to the country.

The data for such domains are easily available on relevant Government websites. Any programming software can be used to infer areas needed to be worked on, funds required, and so on.

So, these were some basic ideas to get started. And, here is the link which is really helpful in understanding how to start working at the ground level like questionnaire preparation, sample selection, understanding data, and so on. Hoping this will further clarify doubts regarding up-taking any project.

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