TCS R&I Labs Interview Questions

TCS Research & Innovation Labs Interview Questions for a Data Science role

Position – Full-time Job

Profile –Systems Engineer (Data Science role)

Process –

  • Shortlist based on their eligibility criteria.
  • Technical test timed for 2 hours consisting of Aptitude (Verbal, Logical, Quantitative sections) and Programming Questions (medium difficulty)
  • Technical Interview round followed by HR round
Interview Questions
TCS R&I Labs Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Could you please describe your internship experience?

3. A discussion of the projects undertaken.

Follow up questions on regression-based price prediction project

4. What’s the conclusion? (Residuals were random in linear regression model but didn’t follow normal)

5. What would be a better modeling technique for such cases? (directing to generalized linear models)

6. Question related to a relational database.

7. Write SQL Query to create a table with given columns.

8. Insert rows of data for a subset of total columns in a given table.

9. Gave a sample dataset and problem in hand and asked how will you approach the same and which machine algorithm would be best for the given problem.

10. Explain the working of CNN.

11. Asked about familiarity with Agile Software Development approach.

12. How would you log your deployment program in Python, so that if someone makes changes to code in some internal function, you would get to know about it.

Round 2

1. Why should you be selected for the role?

2. Personal life v/s Work balance.

3. Would you like to work from the office after joining?

4. What are your plans if you don’t get selected for this role?

5. What do you think are the advantages/disadvantages of working in the IT-Consultancy sector?

6. Any special achievements you would like to mention.

Suggestion :

Prepare for everything written in CV. They ask questions related to every single skill/other mentions there.

.For any suggestion, please reach out to us on LinkedIn. You can also schedule a meeting by vising the Contact page.

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