Wells Fargo Interview Questions

Wells Fargo Interview Questions by Netra Laxmikant Prabhu

Position : Full Time Job

Profile : Corporate Model Risk Analyst

Process : Aptitude and Technical Test followed by 2 Technical Interviews and 1 HR interview

Interview Questions
Wells Fargo Interview Questions

Placement Process

Aptitude and Technical Test:

Basic math, statistics, logical reasoning, business analytics, English  and 2 coding questions(medium difficulty)

Technical Interview Round 1
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Will you walk us through your internship project.
  3. What is underfitting?
  4. What is a time series?
  5. Is every stochastic process a time series?
  6. When you get data, what are the important measures that you look at the very first step?
  7. What is skewness and kurtosis?
  8. If Mean < Median < Mode what can you say about this scenario?
  9. Tell us about your M.Sc. Project.
  10. What is a mixture of distributions (this was asked in relation with my project)?
  11. Define multicollinearity and how to address the problem of multicollinearity?
  12. What are the consequences of autocorrelation and multicollinearity?
  13. Explain hypothesis testing in layman terms.
  14. How proficient are you with any of the coding languages?
  15. What are basic data types in python and what are the advantages of one over another?
  16. What is the difference between list and tuples?
Technical Interview Round 2
  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Walk us through your time series project.
  3. What are different algorithms we can use for classification?
  4. Can logistic regression be used for multiclass classification and if yes then how?
  5. Tell us about bagging and boosting and which of them will overfit?
  6. What are different metrics used for evaluation?
  7. How would you explain PCA to a child?
  8. What are the different techniques used for dimensionality reduction?
  9. They gave me simple function mapping. Then they asked me how many relations are possible for a given domain and range set. It was a simple mathematical question.
  10. What is heteroscedasticity and what kind of problems arise due to heteroscedasticity?
  11. Define stationarity? What is weakly stationary and what is strong stationarity?
  12. Some questions based on consistency and CLT were also asked.

On every question they tried to check the basic understanding and knowledge of the topic.

HR Interview Round
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Experience about your previous internships.
  3. Why would you like to come to this field? What was the motivation behind this?
  4. How do you manage studies and sports both even after having so much academic pressure in IIT?
  5. What are your strengths?

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