ZS Associates Interview Questions

ZS Associates Interview Questions for a full-time job as a Data Science Associate.

Process  –  Aptitude test on HackerEarth platform then one Case study Interview round and finally the Technical interview round.

Interview Questions
ZS Interview Questions

Placement Process

Aptitude + Coding Test(Duration- 75mins):

The questions were focused on Machine Learning, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. Then there was 1 coding question (to be attempted in the R/Python environment).

Round 1 (Duration-40mins):

This interview round involved the presentation of a project which demonstrated data science skills. We were also advised to include the approach and methodology, key steps, recommendations or results, and any relatable piece of code.

Then questions were asked on each slide of the PPT. The questions were focused on why did I select the particular problem for my project, EDA, Outlier treatment, Comparison of ML Models used, their assumptions, and the metrics used to evaluate them.  I was also asked to open the jupyter notebook to discuss some pieces of code.

Round 2 (Duration-1 hour):

The round started with a general CV discussion focused on my project, internship, college curriculum and electives.

After that, I was shown a card puzzle and the aim was to make sets based on certain conditions. After solving the puzzle, I was asked about the logic used behind solving it and the approach to code the same. Subsequently, back-to-back follow-up questions on the same puzzle relating to permutations and combinations.

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