Accenture Interview Questions

Accenture Interview Questions by Anonymous

Profile – NLP Engineer

Interview Questions
Accenture Interview Questions

Interview Questions

  1. Explain TF and IDF
  2. Difference between BOW vs TF-IDF
  3. Steps for Training Deep Learning Model (Give one example of NLP and one for Computer Vision)
  4. What are the Hyperparameters of a DL model?
  5. What is Learning Rate and Gradient Descent?
  6. How many Hidden Layers were used in ur Model and why?
  7. Batch vs Epochs
  8. What is a Iteration?
  9. How to enable running GPU in the system?
  10. What is the GPU Model/Architecture/Company involved?
  11. What is Word2Vec?
  12. Word2Vec vs Glove Embeddings – How do they differ?
  13. Which Word2Vec model u used in your Project and How did u retrain the model?
  14. Which Glove model did u use for Semantic Similarity in your Project and How did u retrain the model?
  15. How to custom Train NER models in Spacy ? What are all needed?
  16. Semantic Similarity?
  17. What would you use the Score of Cosine Similarity in your project?
  18. What are Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch – How do they differ and which you feel is better based on your preference?
  19. Explain Numpy, Pandas and Sklearn?
  20. What are the Data Cleaning and Pre-Processing methods in Pandas?
  21. How do you remove rows with null values using Pandas? Dropna
  22. How do you drop the columns? Drop
  23. What are all the NLP Libraries u used? Spacy, Gensim, StanfordNLP, Stanza, FastText.
  24. Explain Transfer Learning and One Model that uses Tranformer Architecture – BERT.
  25. Have you used Transfer Learning in real-time?
  26. What do you build Pipelines in Rasa and which version of Rasa have u used?
  27. Explain about your OCR Project and what was the Impact ?
  28. What are all the Real World Applications of NLP – Interviewer gave one example – Text Classification – Sentiment Analysis.
  • Text Classification
  • Text Summarization
  • Spell Checker
  • Language Translator
  • Question Answering
  • Resume-JD Parser
  • ParaPhraser
  • Many more

29. What is POS Tagging?

30. What is k Fold Cross Validation and what will be your k value ?

31. What will be the % of Validation and Testing Data taken from the Training Data ?

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