Cars24 Interview Questions

Cars24 Interview Questions for a full-time job as an Analyst

Role: Data Science, Magneto

Process: Three rounds of interviews.

Interview Questions
Cars24 Interview Questions

Interview Process

Round 1
  1. About the company
  2. About myself
  3. Question regarding past experience in DS project
  4. What challenges did you face during that project?
  5. The pipeline of an ML project
  6. The cost function of Logistic Regression 
  7. What is regularisation? Explain L1 and L2 regularisation. Which regularisation method should be used in which situation?
  8. How do you determine the value of the regularisation parameter?
  9. Assumptions of Linear Regression.
Round 2

Case study round including 1 DS problem, and another Logical coding

DS question – Your task is to write a small Python or R script that predicts the engine rating based on the inspection parameters using only the provided dataset. You need to find all the cases/outliers where the rating has been given incorrectly as compared to the current condition of the engine.

Case Study – Database of Airlines

Table1: Customer Id, Ticket ID, Origin, Destination, Start time, and end Time

Table2: Flight Number, Date, Origin, Destination, Start time and end time of the flight

Assumption: There can be only one flight taking off from an airport at a given time

Desired Output – for given cust_id, ticket_id, need a sequence of all flight_no used for the trip (all connecting flights)

Round 3
  1. Explain p-value with an example.
  2. What is the power of the test?
  3. Explain the Roc-Auc curve and what does it tell?
  4. What are accuracy, Precision, and Recall? Explain what it represents in simple words.
  5. When will you use Sensitivity/Specificity (Here answer should be in context to type 1&2 errors)
  6. What happens when you increase/decrease the threshold for classification
  7. What is Gini Index? Then, give the formula.

SQL problem – Given the id, status (accepted/rejected), and time of the vehicle for that status, then find how many vehicles are accepted for that day.

Note – A vehicle accepted at one day, can be rejected at another day or time. The number of vehicles accepted for that day will also consider the vehicles of the previous day and should exclude any vehicle that was rejected on that day but accepted on a previous date.

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