Eli Lilly Interview Questions

Eli Lilly Interview Questions for a full-time job, by Placement Cell Department of Statistics BHU

Job Designation: Statistical Analyst

Process: Aptitude Test → Interview

Interview Questions
Eli Lilly Interview Questions

Placement Process

Aptitude Test: 

The total duration of the test was 60 minutes. The format of the test was – 

Topics No. of Questions 
Logical Reasoning, Quantitative,  Data Interpretation, Basic Statistics30

Interview Questions: 

Candidate 1 
  1. How Statistics is used in healthcare domain?
  2. What are clinical trials?
  3. Explain the process with example!
  4. Explain logistic regression?
  5. How did you decide about the no of variables in the model?
  6. What we do in forward selection?
  7. Write the code of Inner join in chatbox!
  8. What if we include more and more variables in the model?
  9. Suppose, your model is working good with 9 variables and I have added 9 more variables in the model, what will be the issues?
  10. How to join two tables to get common columns?
  11. Have you heard about LCMR?
  12. What is a typical approach to drug launching procedure?
  13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
  14. What is chi-square?
  15. Have you worked on tableau?
  16. Tell me in brief about making a dashboard in tableau?
  17. Would you like to explain the use of statistics in healthcare other than clinical trial and hypothesis testing?
  18. Do you have any question?
Candidate 2: 
  1. Walk me through your CV.
  2. Tell me about the project you did in your internship? (Few Related Questions)
  3. Which tool do you know the best?
  4. What is time series?
  5. What is the function used in R for linear regression?
  6. Which package contains it?
  7. Tell me the algorithm such that a data frame has several missing values and you want to replace them with the value in above row.
  8. Why we replace the missing values by NA?
  9. What is indexing?
  10. What do you mean by hypothesis testing? Give a practical implication.
  11. There is a class having two sections each containing 50 students. Tell me the information you need to tell that which class has best students if we already know the marks of all of them?
  12. Does the p-value changes when the statement of the hypothesis changes?
  13. What challenge you face while working in a team? How you overcome that?
  14. What demotivates and motivates you?
  15. If you are not interested in a work, how will you develop your interest in that?
Candidate 3: 
  1. What made you apply for Eli Lilly?
  2. Where do you see yourself 10 yrs from now?
  3. What are clinical trials and explain the process giving suitable examples?
  4. Why do we use ggplot library instead of any other library?
  5. How do we decide which plot to use for a particular case?
  6. What made you learn so many datacamp courses in R?
  7. As you have known R and python both, which language would you prefer to work with and why?
  8. What is your strongest motivation to work when you get up every morning?
  9. Tell me about the project that you have done?
  10. Where and why did you use hypothesis testing in your project?
  11. How did you carry out your project, what all were the procedures involved?
  12. How did you deal with the problem when the problem denied to respond to your questionnaire?
  13. Can you justify the sample size of 400 for your study?
  14. What if I take a sample size of 10, justify that it is inappropriate using statistics?
  15. What if I take 1 person from each and every state of the country?
  16. Elaborate the other factors that help you decide upon the sample size from each state?
  17. How do decide when to use mean and when to use median?
  18. When do we use boxplot and when do we use scatter plot?
  19. From where did you get to know about us and the work we do?
  20. What all do you know in terms of the work that you would be doing if you work with us?
  21. How do we import data in R and python (tell proper commands for files of various formats)?
  22. What all you know regarding the interactive plots drawn with ggplot2 (codes for some of the plots to be told)?
  23. Any questions that you would like to ask us?
Candidate 4: 
  1. Walk me through your resume.
  2. Regarding project and internship.
  3. ANOVA assumptions and applications.
  4. Chi-square independence test assumptions
  5. ANCOVA applications
  6. Regression assumptions
  7. Testing of Hypothesis in layman terms
  8. Libraries in R
  9. Syntax to find missing values and duplicate values in R
  10. Inner join and it’s syntax in R
  11. Logistic regression and it’s syntax in R
  12. PDV in SAS
  13. Explain 3-sigma limit.
  14. How to print a particular obs in SAS
  15. Applicability of Measure Theory in Stat.

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