HDFC Bank Interview Questions

HDFC Bank Questions by Shreya Aggarwal

Profile – Data Scientist

Process – CV shortlisting, followed by two rounds of interview

Interview Questions
HDFC Bank Interview Questions

Placement Process

CV shortlisting

The first step was filling up an extensive preliminary form, with all the details ranging from education to internships and projects. We were also required to upload the CV and proof of every detail that was filled up in the form (mark sheets and certificates). 

Round 1

After being shortlisted on the basis of the above, there was a technical interview. This was also an elimination round. The interviewer primarily asked questions from linear modeling and pure econometrics, a few based on my recent project on Bayesian analysis, and some based on the programming in R. 

Some questions:

  • assumptions of a linear model
  • what is multicollinearity
  • what are the consequences of multicollinearity
  • difference between regression and ANOVA
  • difference between correlation and regression
  • what is Bayesian analysis and where/why to use it
  • detailed discussion on the project
  • to which package do functions like min() or max() belong in R
  • [a question based on logistic regression, but I hadn’t studied logistic, so I politely told her so]
Round 2

The HR round was a very general one. The interviewer was very calm and friendly and asked very general questions. He also asked a few questions from econometrics though. 

Some questions:

  • tell about yourself (involved a little bit of a discussion about my hobbies)
  • what are your weaknesses
  • how many members are there in your family 
  • will you have a problem moving out of Delhi
  • assumptions of a linear model and what happens if any assumption is not met by the data

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