Moody’s Analytics Interview Questions

Moody’s Analytics Interview Questions by Monika Pant

Profile – Assistant Risk Consulting Associate

Process – C.V. Shortlisting followed by 2 rounds of panel interviews

Interview Questions
Moody’s Analytics Interview Questions

Placement Process

Round 1 (Technical)

1. Introduce yourself

2. Explain your Internship project (Then various follow-up questions were asked like why did you use this specific metric, why did you choose this model)

3. Basic Python questions were asked like what is NumPy and pandas, how to get the number of rows in a data frame, how to get a summary).

4. Present your project python codes and explain each line.

5. What is a confusion matrix? (follow up questions focussed on True Positives, True Negatives, Sensitivity, Precision, Recall)

6. Two puzzles were asked: count 9 min using sandglass, identify the defective jar

7. Various probability questions were asked

8. Assumptions of linear regression, how to check for these assumptions, which test will you use, and remedies if any assumption does not satisfy.

9. Difference between linear regression and logistic regression

10. What is p-value and R-squared. Which should be used in which case?

11. Difference between R-squared and Adjusted R-Squared.

Round 2 (HR)

1. Introduce yourself

2. How has covid affected your goals?

3. Why statistics?

4. Why did you pursue MSc Statistics after BSc (H) Statistics?

5. Tell us about your family background.

6. Why did you do internships? Also, describe each of them.

7. Explain the given Job Description and responsibilities.

8. Who were your panelists in the technical round?

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