Interview Questions UBS

Interview Questions of UBS for the role of Risk Model Validation Specialist by Subham Thakur

Position – Full-time Job

Profile – Risk Model Validation Specialist

Process- Firstly, an online test with 30 questions for which 60 minutes were allotted. It was mostly based on statistical concepts like estimations, testings, mathematical concepts like calculus, probability, etc. Based on the performance, candidates got calls for interviews. 

Interview Questions
UBS Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1:
  1. Walk me through your resume.
  2. Selected one of my project work and asked me to describe it briefly. (Mainly about the problem addressed and concepts used)
  3. They showed a code snippet in R language and asked me to describe what is happening and how. It was based on the package ‘dplyr’.  
  4. What are Random Forests? Does it work better than Classification Trees? If so, how?
  5. What is Unsupervised Machine Learning? 
  6. Tell me about K-means clustering? How to decide upon optimal K?
  7. Assumptions in Ordinary Least Squares. They showed me a residual plot for regression fit and asked if something was wrong or not. I detected the problem to be heteroskedasticity. Then they asked the follow-ups:
  8. How can you test for heteroskedasticity?
  9. What are the problems associated?
  10. How can you find a remedy?
  11. Then showed a database and asked to check the sanity of the data.

Result: Passed!

Round 2:

First, they checked my resume thoroughly

  1. Picked two of my projects (One on Discrete Time Series and the other on Markov Chains) and asked me to briefly describe the problems and approaches that I am taking.
  2. Name a Dimensionality Reduction Algorithm. I said Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Then they asked the follow-ups:
  3. The mechanism behind PCA.
  4. What are Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors?
  5. How can you find them?
  6. If a random variable X follows a continuous distribution with CDF F(x), then what is the distribution for F(X)? Describe the derivation.
  7. What are your most and least favourite topics in Statistics? Why so?
  8. How would you help us if you get the offer? 

Result: Passed!

HR Round: An informal HR round:

Congratulations! Welcome to UBS. You are getting the offer.

  1. So, by any chance, if you face a failure while working, how would you handle it?
  2. What do you think about working in a team?
  3. Why is it important to you?
  4. At last, we were asked to appear in a cultural test to check whether we are suitable for their company culture.

For any suggestion, please reach out to us on LinkedIn. You can also schedule a meeting by vising the Contact page.

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