Legato Interview Questions

Legato Health Technologies Interview Questions by Sahil Saini

Position – Full-time Job

Profile –  Associate software engineer in Artificial Intelligence

Process – Test followed by an interview

Interview Questions
Legato Interview Questions

Interview Questions

Round 1 – Technical Test

The test comprised of 2 coding questions.

It was a competitive coding problem that required looping and if-else statements to solve.

Round 2 – Interview 

Q1. What are the assumptions of linear regression?

Q2. What is multicollinearity? How do you detect its presence?

Q3. Which Python packages are you familiar with?

Q4. What do you know about time-series data? What is acf?

Q5. What are neural networks?

Q6. How many layers are there in neural networks?

Q7. How do you compute the correlation coefficients? 

Follow-up: Discussion about heat-maps

Q8. What is logistic regression?

Q9. What is the difference between a bar plot and a histogram?

Q10. What is the use of the Pandas library in Python?

Q11.If I give you a model having 85% accuracy and ask you to increase it to 92%, what approach will you follow?

(This led to a deep discussion on ML)

Q12. Discussion on my projects related to ML and AI

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