Novartis Company Research

Novartis Company Research for a Data Science Role.

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Crux of Novartis Company Research Video

Things Everyone Will Know
  1. Founded in Mar’96
  2. Headquarter – Basel, Switzerland. India – Hyderabad.
  3. Industry – Pharma
  4. CEO Vasant Narasimhan

But you need to do more.

Company Website

First Look

  1. Reimagining Medicine (Company believes and prioritizes Innovation)
  2. Coronovirus (At the frontline of response to crisis)
  3. From Our Heart to Yours (Building a connection with the customers)
  4. Novartis Biome (Co-creation ecosystem initiative)

Deep Dive

  1. Huge website so the focus should be on the domain.
  2. In this case, Data and Digital section is a good starting point.
  3. Yet, even this section has lots of articles.
  4. Hence, you should prioritize and be selective with the articles.
Company YouTube Channel

There are many videos so the focus should again be on optimization. The company wants to be perceived as emphatical while innovating.

We picked a particular talk by the CEO and have summarized the same:

Reimagining Medicine with Data & Digital

  1. Biology is incredibly complex and they are working hard to build training dataset.
  2. Use of unstructured ML and Digital Insights
  3. There is AI Hype but the era has begun.
  4. Disruption will help in reducing cost and increasing speed.
  5. AI and Ethics w.r.t. patient data
Google News

A simple search with ‘Novartis Artificial Intelligence’ will give great results in the news section. It is possible to get overwhelmed by the articles but focus on few and know them really well.

Other Sources: CEO Interview

How to Be a Boss in an ‘Unbossed’ Company

Brief Insights:

  1. Sense of purpose
  2. Going big on data and digital
  3. Enthusiastic about AI and tech
  4. Company culture – unbossed
  5. CSR
  6. Doing the right thing and being profitable
  7. Curiosity being the driver
Job Description

The JD is very important and the candidate should know it really well. It is possible that you don’t understand the terms in it initially but make sure that you search for them. Having a great understanding of the JD will help in conversations about the role.

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