Kotak Mahindra Bank Interview Questions

Kotak Mahindra Bank Interview Questions for a full-time job as an Analyst.

Role: Analyst, Business Intelligence Unit

Process: An aptitude test followed by one round of interview.

Interview Questions
Kotak Mahindra Bank Interview Questions

Interview Questions

There were two permanent panel members and 2-3 members were joining and leaving the meet at random such that at any given point of time, the expected number of panel members was around 4.

  1. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself and state clearly why do I think I am suitable for the job while he was going through my profile.
  2. He picked some lines from my intro and asked questions from them. (Like state with an example which shows you are a fast learner)
  3. Discussion on various platforms of coding and their advantages and disadvantages. 
  4. Then the other panel member started asking about projects:
    1. Explain your project and your work.
    2. From where did you pick the data and what were its dimensions?
    3. Which algorithm did you use?
    4. What is the difference between Linear and logistic regression and why did you not use linear regression?
    5. Why did you not use KNN clustering or decision trees/random forest?
    6. What is the p-value? Consider me a layman and explain it to me.
    7. Which method would you prefer for reducing the dimensions of the data?
    8. What is IQR? What do you know about boxplots?
  5. Then a third person started asking questions based on Python.
    1. What is the difference between python and R?
    2. Why is python better than R?
    3. What all libraries have you used in your project?
    4. What libraries are used in the representation of data?
    5. Why Pandas is so much in prominence all around the industry?
  6. Then some HR-type questions cum discussion on multitasking and keeping up with the workload and why have you not studied other algorithms were put forward.
  7. Then 1-2 cv based questions on my POR and internship in the social sector were asked and my work associated with them. The interview lasted for around 25 mins.

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