Morgan Stanley Interview Questions

Morgan Stanley Interview Questions for a full-time job, by Sweata Sen, an alumna of ISI, Kolkata.

Role: Data Scientist under MRM (Model Risk Management)

Process: Two technical tests were taken, one was on quant and the other on R/Python programming. Then after passing these two tests, I was asked to give an interview.

Interview Questions
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Placement Process

Interview Questions: 

  1. Walk me through your resume.
  2. State the assumptions of linear regression.
  3. If the errors are correlated then what happens to the beta estimator?
  4. Suppose I have three variables a,b,c and while fitting the model, I found out that a and c are important. Then I realized that carelessly, I haven’t included the variable d in the model. Now after fitting I found out that a and d are important. Why do you think this happened? 

Now suppose I want to include 20 other variables and I want a clean model. What do I do now? (I answered about variable selection.)

  1. Which one would you choose – Lasso or ridge?
  2. What about stepwise selection models? What is the kind of stepwise regression we usually do? When do we use forward stepwise regression and when do we use backward stepwise regression?
  3. Do you know about neural networks? What is an activation function? What happens if we use a step activation function other than sigmoid activation function? Advantages or disadvantages of one over the other.
  4. Suppose you have an equilateral triangle inscribed within a circle. You choose a vertex and start drawing infinitely many lines to different points on the circumference.  What is the probability that if I choose one line, it is longer than one side of the triangle?
  5. Tell me about you as a person. State your three strengths and three weaknesses.
  6. Do you have any questions for me?

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