Nielsen Interview Questions

Nielsen Interview Questions for a full-time job, by Placement Cell Department of Statistics BHU

Role: Statistical Analyst

Process: Aptitude Test → Resume Shortlisting → Interview

Interview Questions
Nielsen Interview Questions

Placement Process

Aptitude Test: 

The first one was an aptitude round of 50 minutes consisting of questions like – situation-based, numerical aptitude, and  computer knowledge (short keys, etc.) 

Interview Questions: 

  1. Walk me through your resume and tell me what you like the most. 
  2. Tell me about the projects you have done. Few cross-questions. 
  3. What is linear regression and how will you interpret its equation. 
  4. What are SQL JOINS and how many? 
  5. If you have 10000 observations in table A and 5000 observations in table B tell me the result you will get when you will use different types of joins and why? 
  6. Was asked to present the screen and was given several questions to solve in excel like draw charts, count rows following specific criteria, and calculate revenue, %profit using basic mathematical formulae. 
  7. If there are 10 black and 10 white socks in a box, how many draws will you get a pair of socks of the same color. 
  8. Also in the same situation in how many draws will you get a pair of white socks. 
  9. Explain the Linear Regression model in brief. 
  10. Relate the above analysis with your project and explain. 
  11. Why adjusted R2 is better than R2 
  12. Gave me the values to apply in linear regression and obtain response value. 
  13. Tell me about your hobbies. 
  14. What do you know about the job role that is being offered? 
  15. What do you think Nielsen does? 
  16. Have you heard about Nielsen from somewhere before or not? 
  17. What do HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP do? 
  18. Which libraries did you use in your project? 
  19. What is the difference between logistic regression and linear regression? 
  20. What are the assumptions of Regression Analysis? 
  21. If you are the owner of a kurkure company how will you increase the sale by 10% within one month?

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