PwC Consultant – Zeba Khan

Zeba Khan has shared her corporate experience as a Consultant at PwC and provided suggestions for freshers looking for a role.

Corporate Experience as Consultant at PwC
PwC Consultant Corporate Experience

Hi all,

I am a 2019 batch postgraduate from the Department of Statistics, University of Delhi, currently working as a Consultant at Data & Analytics, PwC.

At PwC, I work in Process Analytics across various ERPs to help clients improve their business processes and achieve better levels of standardization. This is achieved by studying the digital traces of the transactional data in the exact manner of their happening, followed by a root cause analysis of what-how-why, resulting in suggestions that might help them perform better in their respective industries. Along with this, I work in developing use-cases around Supplier Spend analytics, Supply chain analytics, and Cash-Flow analytics using Supervised/Unsupervised Machine Learning Models.

The tools that I actively use are :
  1. Celonis & PafNow for Process Mining
  2. R & Python for employing ML models
  3. SQL for data extraction
  4. Power BI for Data Visualization

Students taking their first step into corporate can have quite a lot of worries, to begin with. I personally had tons of it. Fortunately, I had my group of people to help me with it.

So, listing down a few pointers for newcomers, hoping to help you all take this first step :
  • Go through an internship program, if you haven’t already. It might not always align with your expectations but will help you get a hang of what a corporate office feels like.
  • Pick up certification courses from Coursera, Udemy, Edx, etc. to learn R/Python/SQL or any other learning platform since this will form a basis for any data analytics firm you land up at.
  • Build up a good resume. Stick to one page. Be specific in what you write (Internships/Projects). Mention things that show you as responsible and a decision-maker. Do not forget to mention your co-curricular activities.
  • Stay updated through blogs published on TowardsDataScience, Medium, AnalyticsVidhya, etc.
  • To practice your coding skills, use Kaggle, for they have a great learning platform.
  • Practice coding interviews, aptitudes, puzzles, guesstimates from websites like GeeksforGeeks, IndiaBix, ListenData, etc. on a regular basis.

Every company has a learning platform of their own, where they teach you whatever is expected of you. To be honest with you all, most of the learning happens on the ground. You learn while you work. Every new project brings in a whole new set of learning. Having said that, do not restrict yourself to what is happening in the office. Take some time outside of work hours to learn things that interest you most. This will form a crucial part of your learning.

Do not get disheartened if you don’t go through the interview for a company you really wished for. Just know that that wasn’t your day. Another day, another company. Keep up your learning. You’ll go a long way.


Zeba Khan

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