A product-based startup Interview Questions

A product-based startup Interview Questions for a full-time job as a Data Scientist, by an ex-Data scientist at Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Interview Questions
A product-based startup Interview Questions

Interview Questions

1) Tell me about yourself or walk me through your resume (tip: don’t tell them every single fact on your resume, make your journey sound like a story that will convince them that this job is the next rightful step in your journey)

2) Explain the projects mentioned on your resume. (Explain in logical order: Problem statement, techniques used to solve, issues faced, how you solved it, deployment, etc.) Expect counter questions here!

3) Questions on ML algorithms like:

Supervised, unsupervised, ensemble learning algorithms. Neural Nets and different types of CNN, RNN, Transformer architectures, etc

(Assumptions, inner workings and math behind it, practicality, issues faced while using it, how to tackle them, loss functions used, metrics used, alternative algorithms to use if plan A doesn’t work as well, etc.)

4) CaseStudy: Explain how you will design a pricing model for premium Cars (Ferrari/Porsche/F1 cars, etc.)

What type of model will you build and what features will you use for it? How do the previous owner and their fame affect the price (Named Entity Recognition)? How will you build a database of owners and the duration for which they owned the car given a paragraph about the past history of owners?

(Explain what you’re thinking and why you’re making a certain choice. Walk them through your thinking process. They just want to know how structured your thinking is and can you handle ambiguities)

5) Explain how you built a Facial recognition model (how to increase accuracy, FPS, and how to deploy it using a raspberry pi on your door to build a resourceful model to let people in if you know them) (Explain any project on your project in complete detail)

Anything that is on your resume you should be able to explain in a way that’s convincing enough to let them know you’re the best fit for this role. It could be projects, education, career gaps, too many job changes, etc.

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